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September 9, 2020
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Dad Who’s Terrified Of Heights Promises To Skydive To Raise Money For Son’s Wheelchair.

Three years ago, 8-year-old Zach Holland was diagnosed with Duchenne MuscularDystrophy. The terminal condition causes his muscle mass to slowly shrink,constantly limiting his mobility.Despite every hardship, he’s a happy kid with abright spirit. So when the time came for him to need an electric wheelchair,Josh Collins, his doting stepdad, decided he would stop at nothing to get itfor him!

Josh and his buddy Dan are two pals with plenty of tattoos, beards, and a generally tough exterior. They’re also both terrified of heights. After seeing all theobstacles Zach overcomes every day, the two of them realized they could take onone of their own — by promising to skydive if they raised enough money forZach’s new wheelchair!Currently, Zach is using a traditional wheelchair, but a sthe muscles in his arms have gotten weaker, he is no longer able to pushhimself. An electric chair would make a world of difference for his independence and quality of life, but insurance won’t cover it. Out of pocket,his family would have to pay almost $12,000.

That’sa big chunk of change for any family, let alone one with mounting health care costs. When Dan heard about the situation, he knew he had to do something tohelp out! He came up with the skydiving fundraiser and promised to keep Josh company every step of the way.

Soon after, Dan created a GoFundMe page,telling Zach’s story and making a promise to skydive with Josh if they couldraise enough for the wheelchair.

Withina month, they were nearly 90 percent of their way to the goal and have sincesurpassed it!

“I’m scared of the skydive,” Josh said. “But at the end of the day, it’s just going to be a bad time for 20 minutes or so, and thenwe’re going to get Zach the chair he wants.” 

Zach’s mom Laura won’t be skydiving with them, but sheis thrilled to see what the new wheelchair will mean for her son.

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