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October 13, 2020
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Video Shows Two Skydivers Get Stuck To The LandingGear Of A Plane While Suspended In Mid-air Thousands Of Feet Above Ground...For Almost Eight Minutes

An amateur skydiver and her parachutist-instructor are lucky to be alive aftergetting stuck on the landing gear for several minutes as they leaped out of asingle-engine light plane that was flying at an altitude of several thousandfeet. 

The incident was caught on video and shows the instructor and the skydiverattached to one another as they prepare to tumble out of the small plane.
Just seconds after jumping out of the plane, it becomes apparent that theirequipment becomes entangled with the landing gear of the aircraft.

They are stuck for several minutes until the instructor uses a tool to freethe woman and himself from the plane.

They then parachute safely to the ground below.  


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