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October 30, 2020
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(TRY THIS)... Woman Does 34 Pull-Ups in One Minute forWorld Record

A 45-year-old West Virginiafitness instructor who started doing 100 pull-ups a day during a COVID-19lockdown broke a Guinness World Record by completing 34 in one minute.

Rupa Hulet said she moved to Morgantown just a week before lockdowns began inMarch, and she and her husband decided to pass the time by completing fitnesschallenges.
Sshe did 100 pull-ups a day for several days and started wondering whether shecould break a Guinness record.
Her first few attempts came up short of the world record for most pull-ups inone minute, which stood at 30, but she was eventually able to complete 34 inthe allotted time.

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