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December 21, 2020
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7-Year-Old Hero: 'I Didn't Want My Sister to Die'

A 7-year-old Tennessee boysaved his sister from a house fire.

He said, ”I was scared but I didn't want my sister to die.”

His mother says she woke up to find their house on fire in New Tazewell.

She managed to escape with her husband and their two boys, but their 22-month-olddaughter was trapped by flames in the living room. Bothshe and her husband are former fire fighters.

Once they got outside, the boy’s dad boosted him up so he could climbthrough a window and find his little sister.

The boy managed to get inside, find his sister, and hand her to his dad outthe window.

Fire officials say the home is a loss, but the whole family survived. Itappears to have been an electrical fire.

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