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January 19, 2022
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Move Over Right Now!” Man HelpsDriver Escape Burning Car Just In The Nick Of Time.


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It’seasy to forget the power that each of us has to change lives, but because ofone man’s single act of kindness, countless lives are better for it.It allstarted when Caden Pabst was getting off on the I-215 Belt Route from I-15. TheKia Rio next to him caught his eye when smoke started coming out fromunderneath. Soon after, massive flames shot out. Worst of all, the man drivingthe car seemed to have no idea.“I was yelling, ‘Move over, right now! Moveover!’ And when he gave me the thumbs up, I was like ‘No, move over, move over,now!'” Cadensaid.

Determined to get the driver topull over, he persisted in yelling at him. Even once the driver did as he said,Caden stuck around to help, pulling over on the side of the road himself. Herecommended that the driver quickly grab anything he needed and get away fromthe car ASAP.Mere moments after the two of them did just that, the carcompletely burst into flames before exploding.

“Oh, it was massive! Pretty solid 10 feet intothe air,” Caden said. “It was a lot of fire. (And then), you just heard amassive explosion, and we went over there and there was little bits of hisengine. It was crazy.”After talking to the driver, Caden learned that althoughhe hadn’t realized that his car was in flames, he did know something was wrongand had planned on taking the next exit. But based on how quickly the carexploded and how damaged it became, had Caden not told him to stop, thingswould have turned out much worse for the driver and every person who happenedto be near him.

It’s no wonder, then, that thisgrateful driver couldn’t stop thanking Caden for not only noticing thatsomething was wrong, but for taking the time to actually do something about it.“Once the car was completely in flames, I was just, like, really grateful thatI really, honestly stopped,” Caden said, “because a lot of people didn’t. Iguess I’m just not the kind of person that can see someone in a lot of troubleand not do something about it.We’re so glad Caden stopped! We can’t evenimagine the disaster that would have ensued if he hadn’t.

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