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May 12, 2022
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'The Rock,' The Largest White Diamond EverAuctioned, Sells For $21.9 Million


The largest white diamond to ever come up for auction has beensold for $21.9 million, at Christie's in Geneva.

The 228.31-carat,pear-shaped gemstone -- dubbed "The Rock" --originated from South Africa, where some of the largest diamonds in the worldhave been found, including the pear-shaped "Star of Africa" and rosecushion cut "Golden Jubilee."

"The Rock" is about the size of a golf ball and was previouslyworn as a lavish Cartier necklace by its former owner. Along with thepear-shaped stone, the new owner will also receive a round diamond and platinumpendant mounting from the French luxury brand.

The head ofChristie's jewelry department in Geneva explained why "The Rock" is aparticularly unique stone.

He said,"Often with these largest stones, they sacrifice some of the shape inorder to keep the weight. This is a perfectly symmetrical pear-shape formand... one of the rarest gems ever to be sold at auction."

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