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September 30, 2022
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4-Month-Old Kitten Named Thor Saves FamilyFrom Carbon Monoxide Poisoning



Thor, a 4-month-old kitten living with a Farmington Hills,Mich., family started meowing in distress while carbon monoxide from agenerator in a closed garage began to fill the home — waking up his sleepinghumans before they were killed by the deadly fumes.

The familylost power in a storm and didn’t realize they were trapped when their portablegenerator’s colorless, odorless fumes began to seep inside.

There was noCO detector in the house.

Thor began the meows of distress to mother Heidi Stamper,who took the kitty outside, where he immediately stopped crying in response tothe fresh air.

But when she and Thor went back inside, she soon lost consciousness while herhusband Ronald became groggy — prompting Thor to get the attention of13-year-old Paige and 11-year-old Quinn. The sisters then helped take their momand half-conscious dad to the yard.

The youngsisters were able to call authorities and the family was rushed to a nearbyhospital; the mom and her daughters were later airlifted to ProMedica Hospitalin Toledo, Ohio.

TIP: “The fire department reminds everyone that generators should never beused inside homes, garages, basements, sheds, or any other enclosed orpartially enclosed spaces. In this case, using a portable generator in anenclosed garage almost had deadly consequences.”

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