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October 5, 2022
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Man Becomes First Person to ROW FromManhattan to Ireland


An Irish man made history Tuesday when he became the firstperson in the world to row from New York City to Galway, Ireland — spending 112days at sea.

Damian Brownebegan the 3,450nautical mile voyage across the Atlantic Ocean on June14th.

The formerprofessional rugby player then rowed, rowed, rowed his 20-foot craft namedCushlamachree for 2,686 hours — “fighting mother natureevery step of the way."

Browne arrivedback home to a hero’s welcome from supporters, including his family who wasthrilled to have him back on terra firma after the arduous adventure, titledProject Empower.
He described the conditions: “Constantly hit with adverse currents so it wasincredibly stressful because you would work so hard and put so much intogetting one mile or two miles and then you could come off the oars for 15minutes and you could have half of that mile wiped out and you’d have to putthe head down again to regain it."

Browne said he cherished the “special moment” of finallyreaching his destination and being reunited with his partner Rozelle and babydaughter Elodie .

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