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August 30, 2018
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AMAZINGSTORYCouple Goes on a First Date, the Guy Collapses on the Beach and His DatePerforms CPR


A doctor 'kissed' her partner for the first time whenshe performed life-saving CPR on him after he collapsed during their first dateon a California beach.

The 45-year-old anesthesiologist was surfing with her 56-year-old date when hecollapsed on the beach.

She rushed over to her date but couldn't find apulse when she turned him over. That’s when she started CPR.

Seven minutes later an ambulance arrived and theyused a defibrillator to get his heart going again. Apparentlyhe had suffered a heart attack and he had a number of blockages of his coronaryartery.

The doctor said, 'When they took him away in the ambulance, Ididn't know if he was going to live.’

The day after his first date with the doctor,he underwent bypass surgery and is doing well.

The guy said he was embarrassed about the wholeordeal: ’Who wants to date someonewho just had a heart attack?'

The doctor said she got a call from her dateand he apologized. She said, 'I was just so relievedbecause I was so upset that I had just met this amazing person and now he couldbe gone.' 

He asked her for a second date, and she saidyes.

By the way, the whole entire thing was accidentally captured on camera by a manwho was filming a time-lapse video of the beach's seagulls.


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