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September 18, 2018
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Children buy back beloved Ford Mustang dad sold to pay mom'scancer bills 17 years ago

The only thing Wesley Ryan loved more than his car washis family.

So when his wife Laura was diagnosed with ovariancancer 17 years ago as a young mother, Ryan sold the white 1993 Ford Mustang GTto help pay for her medical bills.

Hisson Jake still remembers riding around in it, sitting in a booster seat next tohis sister Jeni and dreaming of driving it one day. He said that selling thecar was “one of the biggest sacrifices I’ve seen him have to make for us, forall of us. I know how much it broke him in half seeing that car drive away fromhim. A day I’ll never forget.”

With so many years passed, Wesley, 47, had no ideawhat was about to happen when his wife and kids blindfolded him in a departmentstore parking lot earlier this month, then broke down in tears when theyrevealed the Mustang on the back of a flatbed truck. The touching momentwas captured on video withthe Zac Brown Band song “My Old Man” playing in the background, and posted to Jake’s Facebookpage.

Jake told the San Antonio Express-News thathe came across the car while perusing Craigslist a couple of years ago, butcouldn’t close a deal. When it popped up again recently, he and Jeni and herboyfriend all chipped in to buy it.

In asad twist of fate, the seller was letting it go because her own mother hadcontracted ovarian cancer and they needed the money for treatment. Hopefully,things will turn out as well for her as they did for Laura, who Jake said hasbeen cancer-free for 13 years.

Wesleytold the Express-News that what his children did for him "shows where theyare: they are balanced human beings. My wife and I have succeeded, we've raisedproductive adults, it's the strongest, most powerful feeling that a parent canhave."

Jake said he can’t wait to help his dad work on the car and seewhat it’s like to ride up front in the “co-pilot” seat.

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