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October 19, 2018
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AMAZING STORY – OF great sportsmanship

True Sportsmanship: High School Cross Country Runner Gives Up His Win toHelp a Blind Competitor


True Sportsmanship was on display from a crosscountry runner at New York's Cazenovia High School.
During the final stretch of the boys juniorvarsity race in Auburn, a sophomore was leading and approacheda steep hill with a little more than 600 feet to go. That’swhen a legally blind runner from the other school came up the hill to pass thesophmore and slipped.

As the blind runner’s aide came to help, the sophmore didn't blink.His coach said he "got down and liftedthe kid up with his guide, and then helped push him up the hill’' and acrossthe finish line for the win. The sophmore crossed the line twoseconds behind him.

The blind runner’s coach sent an email to the school praising their sophmorerunner’s selflessness.

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