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November 12, 2018
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Firefighters Push a Mustang GT350 Out of a Burning Home inCalifornia


The wildfires in California continued to burnover the weekend with at least 31 being killed so far.  
There are six wildfires, three of them considered major,currently blazing throughout the state.
Thenews emerging from this disaster has been horrifying—hundreds of thousands havebeen evacuating the state as the fires spread, many of whom were trapped intheir cars. Zoos are in danger. Mansions have been burning to the ground.It’s difficultto find things to feel good about in situations like this knowing that manymore folks are sure to be displaced from their homes before these fires arereigned in.Pics…one of which appears to be firefighters rescuing a vintage 1966Mustang GT350 from the garage of a burning home near Malibu Lake. The car isworth over $200,000 and likely was determined to be a valuable asset to besaved from the home.There’s very little information regarding the situation ofthe picture—but we’re assuming that the house was no longer occupied when thefirefighters spotted the GT350 and opted to push it out of the danger zone.Other photos suggested that the house was a lost cause.

It’s a small pinprick of light in a dark time, a moment thathumanizes the folks involved in fighting what’s been a difficult battle. Thatsaid, our thoughts are with the nine people who have lost our lives and thosewho are suffering the consequences of this horrific situation.

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