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April 12, 2019
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Woman’s Kidney Stones End Up Being a Baby

A Louisiana woman who was supposedly suffering from kidney stones ends upgiving birth to a little baby girl. 

The woman was suffering from stomach pains and went to the emergency room withher husband and he assumed she just had kidney stones. 
Shortly after, she gave birth to their little girl named MicaelaGrace. The woman said she never felt sick, gained weight and even hadwhat seemed to be a monthly cycle. 

The 20-year-old couple said they only had a couple hundred dollars intheir savings account and weren’t planning on a baby, so they set up a GoFundMeaccount that already raised over $7,500. 
The woman said of the surprise birth, "Whenever I look at her I’mlike, how the heck did that happen. But I’m super grateful. And I love her todeath, so I’m happy.”

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