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May 13, 2019
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Bear Bribes 'Guard Dog' with Bones so it Can Gothrough Man's Trash

A Canadian man's guard dog,named Brick, has been slacking off on the job. A clever bear has found a way tobribe Brick.
According to the dog’s owner, the bear has been giving Brick deer bonesin exchange for access to the man’s trash cans. According to dog’sowner, this has happened three times already.
The owner said, ”Although I basically handed my dog this position ofpower, it's become very clear that he has no idea how to actually do the jobproperly; now not only do I have to clean up a huge mess, I see him putting hisown self-interest first. Clearly, I have no choice but to impeach him."
The tweet was originally posted on Wednesday. Since then, its gotten more than300 thousand likes and more than 80,000 retweets.

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