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October 16, 2019
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4-year-old boy saves his little sister from drowning

After 2-year-old Andie jumped inthe pool without her mom knowing, her big brother Gray jumped in to save her.

It’s a story that could have had a much different outcome about atoddler girl who fell into the pool and her 4-year-old big brother who savedher life. It's also a story of awareness for parents of young kids because thiscould happen to anyone.

Gray and Andie Forrester are the best of friends. Like mostsiblings, they play, they laugh, they love each other.

But only one word can describe what happened just days before thishappy moment, a miracle.
It happened when the kids got into the pool area without their mom knowing.
Andie jumped in.

She was doggy paddling like this. I grabbed her tummy. I wastrying to lift her so she could breathe,” said now 5-year-old Gray Forrester.

"Who got you out of the pool?” asked 10News Anchor Abby Ham.

ray,” said 2-year-old Andie Forrester. “He saved me.”

“Andie walked up and said, 'I falled in the pool! I falled in thepool!' She was soaking wet and I looked at Gray and he was soaking wet and Ijust panicked,” said Forrester. “I flash forward so many times on how it happenedso fast cause they had just been with me not even five minutes ago.“

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