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January 14, 2020
Date of Event:

Long-era time capsule found hidden in walls of State CapitolFriday



BATON ROUGE – Preservationists andcontractors made a surprising discovery while doing routine renovation work atthe State Capitol Friday: A Huey P. Long-era time capsule.

The copper box was found behind thecornerstone at the northwest corner of the building.The time capsule isbelieved to be filled with relics and artifacts from the Long era and dates to1931 when the building was under construction. It took 18 months to erect thecapitol. The State Capitol was opened in May 1932.

At 34 stories and 450-feet, theLouisiana State Capitol is the tallest in the country.“This time capsule isanother reminder of this building’s rich, interesting history,” said SenatePresident John A. Alario, Jr. “I am honored to be part of its discovery and Ilook forward to what its contents will reveal.”

State officials said the box willnot be opened immediately, instead put on display and opened later.

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