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June 8, 2020
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$1m treasure in Rocky Mountains has been found, says Forrest Fenn

Artifacts dealer claims treasure he buried a decade ago has been found, Santa Fe newspaper reports


A New Mexico treasure hunter announced that his hidden chest of gold, jewels and other valuables worth over$1 million has been found.

Ten years ago, Forrest Fenn gained a cult following when he announced that he had hidden the chest somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. He inspired tens of thousands to set out in search of his treasure, but the prize eluded everyone -- until now.
Fenn revealed to the Santa Fe New Mexican on Sunday that a man, who wished to remain anonymous, had discovered the chest a few days ago. The unnamed hunter sent Fenn a photo of the chest to confirm his discovery. 
Fenn originally designed the treasure hunt as a means of leaving behind a legacy: in 1989, he was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer, but he managed to recover.  He claimed that he hoped to temptpeople to venture into the wild and give them an old-fashioned adventure fo rriches.
He listed the contents on the website, claiming that the chest containedpre-Columbian animal figures, gold nuggets and coins, Chinese jade faces,emerald rings and other exotic items.
He hid the treasure in 2010 and shared clues to treasure’s whereabouts on his website and in a poem he published in hisautobiography, “The Thrill of the Chase.” Fenn had said that an estimated 350,000 people tried to find the treasure, some quitting their jobs outright tosearch for it – and a select few died in the search. Now, the website has shown an orange banner reading,“Fenn’s Treasure was found in 2020 – the chase is over.”
Fenn’s website suggested a number of possible next steps forthe hunter who discovered the treasure, including how to sell the treasure oreven suggesting to re-hide the treasure.

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