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August 3, 2020
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Dog With Special Needs Loves Jumping In Puddles And The Videos Are Pure Joy.

Dogs have a special way of making us smile with their silly antics and fun-loving natures.While Stevie the Wonderdog might look like any other yellow Lab, he’s the survivor of a rare medical condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped him from having endless amounts of fun!

The neurological disorder occurs when a section of the brain stem (the one that modulates motor impulses) doesn’t form fully in the womb. As a result, dogs and cats who have it often have trouble moving.In Stevie’s case, his limbs flail, giving him a wobbly gait that doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. Otherwise, he’s a regular dog who just adores his favorite toy, a stuffed duck named Ducky!His human parents said there’s only one rule in their house: “Ducky doesn’t go outside.”


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