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September 3, 2020
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Conductor Puts On Impromptu Concert For Passengers AfterBoulder Blocks Train Tracks.Passengers on an Amtrak train suddenly found themselvesstuck for hours in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, after a boulder landed on thetracks, blocking their way through.But lucky for them, theirconductor,Brad, thinks quick on his feet. Wanting to keep everyone calmand entertained, Brad went out and found a $500 guitar (paid for by Amtrak) andjoined forces withEvie Joy, a talentedmusician on board. Not only did their impromptu concert lift spirits, but itinspired thousands online!“One can’t help butbelieve there’s some magical force in the universe bringing the right peopletogether,” said passengerCalvin Sun, who shared videos of the concert. “In the event of such anunexpected prolonged delay, there was no better company we could ask for.”

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