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September 15, 2022
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Toy Hall of Fame Finalists Announced... TheyInclude Breyer Horses, Lite-Brite and Masters of the Universe

The Strong National Museum of Play announced this year's finalists forthe National Toy Hall of Fame include bingo, Breyer horses, Lite-Brite, Catanand Masters of the Universe.

The Strong,located in Rochester, N.Y., said three of the 12 finalists will be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame on Nov. 10. The inductees will be chosen bythe National Selection Advisory Committee, with online Player's Choice voters counting collectively as one member of the committee.

The Finalists:

Bingo, the lottery game that first appeared in its modern form inthe 1920s; Catan, the board game originally knownas Settlers of Catan when it wa spublished in Germany in 1995; Phase 10, a rummy-style card game that first appeared in 1992 and is the second best-sellingcard game in the world; and Rack-O, a pattern-building cardgame first introduced by Milton Bradley in 1956.

Other toys on the list of finalists are Breyerhorses, Lite-Brite, Masters of the Universe, Nerf toys, pinata, Pound Puppies,Spirograph and the spinning top.

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