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July 18, 2019
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The Florida Department of Healthin Bay County issued a statement about water safety after several reports ofpeople contracting necrotizing fasciitis.

The Florida Department of Healthsaid the state's beaches are "safe for visitors, but use caution."

This  comes after severalreports of people contracting flesh-eating bacteria from the beach. The healthdepartment said to avoid getting in the water if you have any breaks in yourskin, cuts or open sores. In June, doctors reported a 12-year-old Indiana girl had contracted it after scraping her big toe Weeks later,a 77-year-old Ellenton woman died aftercomplications from surgery following contracting the bacteria. And there hasbeen several more cases.In a statement to CBS affiliate WKMG last week, theDepartment of Health in Orange County provided advice for beach-goers:When visiting the state's beaches and/orintracoastal waterways, residents and visitors should cover any open skin cutsthey may have with a waterproof band-aid before interacting with the water. Ifnot possible, individuals can enjoy the sun and sand but they may want to stayout of the water as a precaution against water-borne illnesses.  

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