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October 26, 2021
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Luke Bryan Helped Rescue A Single Mom Stranded on Road

Luke Bryan provided roadside assiatance to a single mom in need on Sunday morning.
Courtney Potts was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire andher two young kids when Bryan pulled up alongside her.
Video from Potts' Instagram account shows Luke on his knees, working atire iron to help get her back on the road.
This all went down on a particularly dangerous curve near Columbia, Tenn.,where she lives and where he has hunting land. After Potts' driver's side fronttire blew, she limped the car to the shoulder. She spotted a gray truck pullingahead of her before it started started to back up. Then, a man in a black shirtand ballcap got out.

She says, “I got out and did a double take and as soon as I heard hisvoice."
Bryan told her to follow him up the road a short bit, because he'd nearly hither coming around that curve. Together, they dug through her very full truck tofind the spare tire. Then, when her tire jack wasn't getting the job done, hewent and pulled his out to assist.
She says,  "He literally just got down on the ground and startedchanging a tire."

Luke told her he was on his way to take sons Bo and Tate hunting when he cameupon her car. 

Afterward, he was happy to pose for a photo with a woman who's an even biggerfan of Bryan now than she was before she popped a tire.

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