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June 3, 2022
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When A Garbage Man Spotted AnAmerican Flag In The Trash, He Knew Just What To Do.

Don Gardener doesn’t have muchtime to waste when he’s doing his job as a garbage collector, but that doesn’tstop him from going the extra mile.When he sees that an elderly resident hasforgotten to take their cans to the street, he does it for them. And when henotices an American flag in the trash, he makes sure to take it out so it canbe disposed of properly. He’s had the opportunity to do the latter at least asdozen times in the 11 years he’s had this job, and one of them was caught oncamera… by the person who threw it away.Turns out, it had accidentally gottenthrown away during a clean-up after Easter. As a wife to a veteran, BrookeCowley was mortified by the accident but also so grateful for Don’s kindness.To repay him, she shared a video she took of him taking the flag out of thetrash in hopes that their community, in Utah and beyond, will show him therespect and recognition he deserves.“It’s just something I do,” Don, a MarineCorps veteran, said.“Anybody in Emery County that knows me, if you don’t know what to do with it,get it to me. I’ll make sure it’s took care of proper.”

Watch Don in action below and don’t forget to share.

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