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Do Godders

July 5, 2019
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Siblings Jonah, Eli, Hannah and Abigail have set up a lemonade stand outside their home in Clayton, Missouri, for a good cause.

The siblings came up with the idea to donate the money from the stand to The Backstoppers, an organization that helps support families of first responders.

Their mom, Danielle Bialecki, said she is proud of her kids for dedicating themselves to such a great cause.

“These men and women are out there trying to protect us and help make our lives better. It's whatever you can do to help their family members who are now grieving a loss of a loved one,” Bialecki told local station KMOV.

Clayton Fire Capt. Erin Juenger said there's a lot to be learned from the kids' efforts.

“I think it can even teach some of the adults on how we should act among each other. If kids can do this and show this kind of love, we should be able to as adults,”said Juenger.

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