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October 31, 2018
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A local fathertook a unique approach in helping his son deal with a bully.
Aubrey Fontenot sat down and had a heart to heart conversation with thataccused bully.
Fontenot says his 8-year-old son Jordan was getting bullied at school, butadded that the school did not do much to help.
Taking matters into his own hands, and with permission, he talked to the bullyand learned the reason as to why he was lashing out.
"I came with the energy that he was ready to receive," Fontenot said."Because a lot of times, just because you want to talk to me doesn't meanI want to talk to you. But I think he just wanted, he was ready to talk to me.He knew that I cared. He saw it in my eyes."
After their talk, Fontenot then took Tamarian on a shopping trip, and to hissurprise, Tamarian and his son are now friends.

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