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February 27, 2019
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Florida cops surprise man with new bike

A Florida resident had his only mode oftransportation stolen — so two police officers got him a new one.

Cape Coral field training officer Ken Cody and officer traineeGuang Song received praise after they bought a “brand spankin’ new” bike for aman identified only as Robert, who had reported his bike stolen from aWinn-Dixie supermarket in south Cape Coral.The officers didn’t want Robert,said to be in his 80s, to lose his only mode of transportation, so they went toa local Walmart and bought him a replacement.

The officer’s body camera video shows the men delivering the newbike to Robert at his home.

“Is this a new one, here?” Robert asks the officers beforetesting out the bike.The officers are seen helping Robert adjust the seat,showing him the bike's features and giving him a new lock with a key toensure his new ride isn't stolen.“I’m still going to try and figure outwho stole your other bike,” the officer tells Robert, who responds, “Iunderstand these things take time.”

“Take it for a ride, Robert!” the officers say.As the officerswere leaving, a man who saw the exchange then tells them: “You guys are thegreatest in the world. I’m almost crying. God bless you.”

The Cape Coral Police Department posted the video on itsFacebook page on Monday and the post received more than 13,000 views as ofWednesday. Police said they were still searching for the bike thief.

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