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April 3, 2019
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A 13-year-old Nevada boy isgoing viral after a major act of selflessness.

The boy’s mom says it has been rough. On top of being a single mom tothree kids,she has had no vehicle to drive them around.

She said:“I walked everywhere I went if I was unable to get a ride.This is all a new situation for my family. We had to completely start over andwith pretty much nothing.”
Her 13-year-old son, William, had been mowing lawns and doing yard workaround the community for years to earn his own money. One day, hesaw aYouTube video where people get their moms a car to surprise them and decidedthat was exactly what he wanted to dofor his mother.

While going through Facebook,the teen saw a post from someone sellinga 1999 Chevrolet Metro.That’s whenhe asked the woman if shewould trade her car for his Xbox. She said yes.
The mother wrote on Facebook: “William came home and said ‘Mom Ibought you a car.’ I of course laughed and told him ‘ya right.’He said ‘no mom I'm so serious I bought you a car. Come on, we have to go.’”That’s when she saw a woman standing in her front yard and her son said she wasgiving them a ride.

At the end of the ride, William presented her with her new car.‘Icompletely lost it. I started balling my eyes out. I am speechless my13-year-old son bought me a car!”

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