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August 26, 2019
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Local man Lito Mason generously offered to cover the cost of a new pair of sneakers for Zachary Stone, 11, at a discount store in Meridian, 12 miles west of Boise.

Stone revealed his existing shoes were utterly worn out and in dire need of replacement.

“I had the same shoes for about nine months, and the bottoms of them were destroyed,” he said in a Facebook video published by 11Alive.

However, Zach’s mother,  Malisa Manguso, told him he could only spend $20 because their family was experiencing hard times.

“We’ve had quite the challenging times as anyone else,” Manguso said on Facebook. “These two boys are what keep me fighting daily.”

When Mason heard Manguso was doing it tough, he stepped in and asked what kind of shoes Stone wanted.

“He said ‘I just want something that’s comfortable,’ I was done,” Mason said according to 11Alive. “At that point I said I’m going to get him whatever he wants.”

Mason followed through on his promise and bought Stone a blue pair of sneakers. To show their appreciation, Manguso took a photo of Mason and her son outside of the store and uploaded it to Facebook.

“I have no clue who he is however to us he was nothing less than an angel, a true blessing, made my son’s day right here, just look at that smile, Zachy has nonstop talked about how cool he was all day,” she said on Facebook. “He has truly impacted the heart of my son in a good way.”

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