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October 24, 2019
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Teen Donates More Than 600 Barbies With ProstheticsLike Hers To Hospital

A teen in Massachusetts helped donate 600 Barbie dolls with prostheticlegs like hers to other kids in the hospital.

The girl heard about a Barbie doll with a prosthetic leg and she was veryexcited. The teen has a prosthetic limb herself and didn't have a doll thatlooked like her growing up. 
So as soon as she saw the Barbie, she wanted to share it with other kids.
She decided to collect dolls to donate to the hospital where she has receivedprosthetic services since she was child, Shriners Hospital for Children. The teen collected 600 of the dolls which will be sent to 16 ShrinersChildren's Hospitals across the country.

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