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April 10, 2020
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Teacher Goes Out of Her Way to Help Struggling Student

A first-grade teacher in Florida went above and beyond to cheer up one of her students who appeared tobe having a hard time with the coronavirus lockdown.
The teacher had been doing lessons online via Zoom and story time in the evenings.
During one of those story time sessions, she noticed that one of herstudents was sad and withdrawn.
That’s when the teacher, who has five kids of her own at home, decided to pay the 7-year-old girl a visit. She sat with thegirl, six feet apart, in her family’s driveway while reading and talking to her.

The girl’s mom said, “They chatted, read books, and just talked. Thiswoman has FIVE kids at home and STILL she sat in my driveway for an hour tomake sure (my daughter) was okay.”

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