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June 23, 2020
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'Knock 3 Times... Scream Abra Cadabra': AmazonDelivery Driver Follows Teen's Hilarious 'Additional Instructions' ForDelivering Package

An Amazon delivery driver in Delaware followed a teen’s funny“additional instructions” for delivering a package.  
The mom needed a new pet playpen for the kittens her family was fostering, soshe ordered one on Amazon.
She did not see the "additional instructions" but her teenage sondid, and wrote: "No, but knock on the door 3 times and scream abracadabra as loud as you can and run super fast away."The mom wasunaware of the instructions, and her son had forgotten, so when they heardthree knocks on their door and someone screaming "abra cadabra," theywere shocked.She posted the video on Facebook and it blew up.

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