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June 26, 2020
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Man Saves Woman's Life After She Collapses in TexasGrocery Store: 'I Just Jumped in to Help'

A Texas man is being praised as a hero for saving a woman's life aftershe collapsed while shopping in the grocery store.


Justin Thomas never expected that his run to the League City Krogerwould result in a life or death situation, but that's exactly the situationthat the father of four found himself in on Thursday, NBC affiliate KPRC reported.

"I just saw someone in need," he explained to the Houstonoutlet. "I didn’t even think about it, I just jumped in to help."

Thomas, a CPR-certified electrician, said he was buying milk for histwins when he realized something was going on.

"I heard someone scream out, so I moved toward the direction of thescream," he recalled to KPRC. "Then I saw a lady splayed out on thefloor."


According to Thomas, the woman appeared to be in cardiac arrest. With amedical background and 10 years of service in the United States Coast Guard,the father of four knew what to do — and immediately jumped into action.

"I came down on both knees," he told KPRC. "I looked ather and saw that her face was turning blue and I just quickly startedadministering CPR and started giving her chest compressions."

"I literally saw where her sternum was," he added. "I putmy forearm with my fingers back and just started pumping her chest."He andanother shopper continued to administer life-saving efforts on the woman untilparamedics arrived at the scene and transported her to a hospital, according tothe outlet."Afterward was kind of strange, a strange feeling," Thomasrecalled to KPRC. "Like I have all this adrenaline and I still have to goget the milk."

Later, Thomas said he was contacted by the woman's family who confirmedthat she had survived — all thanks to his speedy response.

"The doctors told her that if it wasn’t for the quick actions, shewouldn’t have made it," he shared with KPRC.Though he was grateful to havesaved a life, Thomas said he doesn't consider himself a hero, noting to theoutlet that he's required to know CPR for work and annually renews his trainingand certification.

He also urged people to follow his example and learn how to administerlife-saving efforts because you'll never know when you might need those crucialskills.

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