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September 6, 2018
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DO GOODER Cop pays for gas

A St. Clair Shores, Mich., police officer is being hailedas a hero AFTER his simple act of kindness took off.

Officer Todd Bing was waiting behind Delores Marotta inline at a gas station when he heard her ask the attendant inside for $3 of gasto put in her car, He noticed that the woman, who was using a cane, had adifficult time walking back to her vehicle, so he told her to wait in her carand he would pump the gas for her. Bing and Marotta struck up a conversation,and he learned that her husband had recently died. She had trouble making endsmeet at the end of every month, and $3 was all she had available for gas. Bingasked her to wait a moment while he went inside. He gave the station’sowner,  $20 out of his own pocket to go toward Delores’s tank.

Kasyouhanan took to Facebook to share the heartwarmingmoment and also appreciate the officer’s compassion.“This $20 really helpedher! She would of most likely ended up running out of gas,” Kasyouhanan wrote.“Nowadays there’s so much negativity towards police officers. … I’m not sayingevery officer is perfect, I’m sure some are at fault at times. We all makemistakes- but we should all respect, appreciate, and thank them for what theydo… To all the men and women in blue I THANK YOU for your service!”

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