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July 20, 2020
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Heart Land: Cincinnati officers buy basketball equipment forneighborhood kids

Sierra Newton, Cincinnati Enquirer  3days ago

Melkita Hill, a Cincinnati resident, was at a basketball courtin College Hill with her three sons and their friends when two police officersshowed up.

The two Cincinnati Police Department officers were checking inon the group when they realized the kids needed a new basketball net. Theofficers made their way to Walmart, buying a net and a basketball aswell. They relayed through CPD Social Media Administrator Sgt. Eric Franzthat they wished to remain anonymous.

Oncethe officers returned, one officer let 16-year-old Mikell Wynn use hisshoulders as a ladder while they put on the new net. The gesture meant so muchto not only the kids playing but to Hill. She took that moment to share herthoughts on Facebook last month, not expecting it to get so much traction.


"I wanted my people to see," Hill said. "Myfamily members and my friends to see - everybody don't have to look at police,you know, in that way. Because there's some good ones out here that docare about us as mothers, fathers, our children and being safe. So I justappreciate that with what's was going on now, and how so much stuff goingon in the world."

This Cincinnati Police officerand his partner got a new net for the backboard and helped the boys install it.They do not want to be identified, saying they didn't do it to garner publicity.

After the officers finished the kind deed, Hill wanted todo something special in return. She made them gift baskets and dropped them offat the station. The story has been shared more than 5,000 times on Facebook.

"All don’t have hate in them this police went out his wayto go buy a net for my son to put up and used his Shoulders to help my son putthe net up so they can play basketball not many police like him care some don’tEver take the time pulling ova checking on children but he did and took histime going to Walmart to go purchase a net for the kids and gave them a extrabasketball folks like him need to be recognized in the community not many carefor our children fathers, and mothers he said he don’t work to make arrest heworks to keep the community safe👌🏾💪🏽",wrote Hill in her Facebook post.

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