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July 23, 2020
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Police Surprise 7-Year-Old Girl Who Called 911 For Ice Cream

A 7-year-old girl is recovering from surgery at her home in Kansas City,Missouri and her parents have her an old cell phone to play with her. What her parents didn’t know is that disconnected phones can still dial 911.
Kansas City police said the girl called four different times andrequested chocolate ice cream.
An officer and his partner decided it would be funny to take some ice cream over to the girl when they responded to the calls.
They got a milkshake and took it to her house. When they got to thedoor, the girl’s mom said, “Let me guess, you’re here for Allison.”
The officers said yeah and that they brought her ice cream and the mom was justin shock.
The girl’s mom and the police officers explained to her that 911 is only for emergencies. 

Now the girl is planning to write a thank you letter to the officer.

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