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August 4, 2020
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Cop goes above and beyond to help young boy and hisfamily run their lemonade stand

We need to hear encouraging stories more than ever in thesetimes of confusion, hostility, and division. This one about a police officerand a black family will surely warm your heart and make you believe that loveand compassion still abound in the community, despite all that’s happeningaround us.Even though no one asked him to, this Indiana police officer wentabove and beyond to help a boy and his family operate their lemonade stand intheir South Bend neighborhood. Officer Ron Glon showed up to the stand not tobuy refreshments and snacks, but to help Jaelynn Wilson and his mother, TinaWilson, sell popcorn, lemonade, and cookies.The 12-year-old boy was taken abackby the cop’s kindness.“I’m out of words, I’m out of words. It’s crazy,” hetold WNDU.When Tina first sawOfficer Glon approaching, she admitted to assuming the worst. She thought thecop would ask them to close the stand that Jaelynn and her four-year-old sonset up every few weeks together.

“I thought, ‘Oh, we’re in trouble,'” she recalled.But OfficerGlon didn’t have any sort of plan to shut them down. He was there for acompletely unexpected reason – to help the family wait on customers. And as ifthat wasn’t kind enough, he also promised to double their profit for the day!“Meand Jaelynn are going to be waiting on people, collecting money, servingdrinks, and I’m going to match 100 percent of what we take in, out of mypocket,” he excitedly told Jaelynn’s grandmother.And the officer stayed true tohis word and helped with serving customers in the parking lot. He also squeezedin a quick football session with Jaelynn and got to know him over a cup of lemonade.It’s safe to say that it was a great day for both parties.Marcia Brown, aregular customer of the lemonade stand, said thekind act wasn’t new for the cop.“Ron Glon is a sweet person. So when I heardthe name, I said that is going to be Mr. Glon coming,” she said.Jaelynn felt sograteful to Officer Glon’s support, that he already considers him one of theirown.“It came to my heart and I thought of him [as] a family member because itreally meant a lot for a police officer to help somebody who they don’t evenknow,” he said. “They are just out here doing what the want to do, and he cameto support.”

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