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August 11, 2020
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11-Yr-Old With Huge Heart Sets Out To Sew 1,200 Masks For Homeless Amid Pandemic.

Holli Morgan of Stone Mountain, Georgia, is a little girl with ahuge heart.

The 11-year-old is always thinking of others, especially those mos tin need. That’s why after the novel coronavirus pandemic began, she used he rsewing skills to help protect as many people as she can.

When hospitals started facing a mask shortage, Holli decided to take action. COVID-19 had shut down her sewingclass, but she could still practice and makea difference. So, armed with a sewing machine and fabric, she set out on a mission to create masks for health care workers. Back then, her goal was to sewat least 250 masks. But she set her sights even higher after shifting her focusto another equally worthy group of people.

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, some cities have mandated thatmasks be worn in public. But some people, namely those without homes, don’thave access to them. So, Holli started catering to her homeless neighbors aswell.Now Holli hopes to make 1,200 masks for the homeless community in Atlanta,and she’s already close to halfway there! Her mom, April McMillian, couldn’t bemore proud. Neither could her pastor, Dr. Kerwin Lee, who is distributing themasks for her.“She’s a little girl who wanted to be part of something big. Noneof us really knew how big it would go,” April said.“It’s her own initiative,” Kerwin added. “Itwasn’t something that someone planted in her. She saw there was a need, andknew she was gifted to do this. She took it on herself to be a blessing toothers.”

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