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September 29, 2020
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Dad Can’t Be With SonDuring Chemo So He’s Dancing Outside His Window Instead.

As a parent, when your child isgoing through a health crisis, there’s nothing that can keep you fromsupporting them.When Chuck and Lori Yielding of Fort Worth, Texas, received thedevastating news that their 14-year-old son Aiden had leukemia, they knew theywould be taking him in for treatment at Cook Children’s Medical Center.Loriworks at the hospital, so they were able to launch into a rigorous treatmentplan right away. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Cook Children’s has a new rulethat only one family member can stay with their loved one while they’rereceiving chemotherapy.Undaunted, Chuck found another way to be with his sonduring treatment. Every Tuesday while Aiden is at the hospital with Lori, Chuckshows up in the parking lot outside. He brings a speaker full of upbeat musicwith him — and a serious commitment to boogie!The awesome dad was determined tobring a smile to his son’s face, and he’s definitely succeeding! He’s alwayslooking for increasingly amusing dance routines to perform while Aiden watchesfrom a window inside and tries to follow along.“It’s funny watching himfiguring out all that he is going to do,” Aiden said. “Yup. Itjust cheers me up sometimes.”

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