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October 20, 2020
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The "Berlin Candy Bomber" Just Turned 100 and HisStory Will Touch Your Heart

Meet GailHalvorsen, a U.S. veteran known as the "Berlin Candy Bomber." Heearned his nickname three years after World War II ended when the Soviet Uniontried to take control of Berlin. They cut off roads and railways, trying tokeep food from coming in. The U.S. and other allies responded by deliveringsupplies to Berlin via cargo planes.

Gail was one ofthe hundreds of pilots making these drops, but he decided to add somethingspecial for the children into the mix: "Operation Little Vittles" wasborn.

From July 1948to September 1949, Gail dropped small parachutes carrying chocolate and gumfrom his aircraft, lifting children’s spirits across the city. Soon, otherpilots joined, and in the end, they delivered 21 tons of candy in one year.

Decades later, Gail is retired, but he still participates in special candydrops over his home state of Utah in commemoration. On October 10, he turned100 years old. “If we get outside of ourselves in the road of life, forsomebody who is struggling more than you are, then you're going to be rewardedin a way you'll never know," he said.

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