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November 23, 2020
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Best Buy Employees MakeDreams Come True For Little Boy Who Wants To Work There.

Just before Halloween, ErikaBuchholz of Fort Wayne, Indiana, sent an email to her local Best Buy with anunusual request.The mom of two told the company that her oldest son Parkerabsolutely adores their store. She was hoping they would let her purchase aBest Buy uniform shirt so Parker could dress up as an employee.

“Parker’s goal is to someday workat Best Buy,” Erika wrote on Facebook. “Parker has autism and has always been ahuge fan of anything that involves electronics. He loves TVs, DVDs, computers,and everything about the store.”When Erika got a response from Best Buy, it wasn’texactly what she’d been hoping for — it was much better! “They emailed me backsaying they would love to make a night of it!” she explained

So Erika brought Parker into aBest Buy in Fort Wayne, where they were met by employees Israel Molinar,Jennifer Bau, and Tristan Wilkinson. The trio immediately got to work creatingan evening their young fan would never forget.The first order of business? GettingParker his very own Best Buy shirt and name tagHe also got to choose some giftsto keep! Of course, Erika said, “He then had to scan everything because he wasthe ‘worker.'”Parker filled several baskets with all his favorite things andhad an absolute blast using the store’s scanner to “check out.” It wasn’t hardfor him to find enough items to scan, that’s for sure!

It felt like “Christmas cameearly” for Parker as he gleefully pretended to be an official Best Buyemployee. As for the three workers, they were exceedingly kind and patient withtheir little friend, and Erika left feeling supported and loved by herneighbors.Now this is what it looks like to go above and beyond! Thank you toeveryone at Best Buy for treating this little boy so well. These are the sortof memories that will last a lifetime!

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