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February 17, 2021
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Preschooler writes heartwarming thank you noteto sanitation workers

AMassachusetts sanitation worker received an unexpected surprise earlier thismonth while he was making one of his trash runs.Butch Blanchard says he waswalking behind a trash truck and tossing bags into the back when he noticed anenvelope that was stuck onto a utility pole.

The envelope contained a notefrom a local preschooler named Landon. In the note, the 4-year-old thanked thetrash haulers for the work that they do."You know, with all the bad thingsthat are happening with the virus, the weather, the fires and people puttingsharp objects in the trash — and we're getting cut — to have notes ofappreciation like that, it made my year. And it's only February,"Blanchard said.

Blanchard says the note fromLandon is better than any monetary tip he could ever receive.

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