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March 31, 2021
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Little Boy Breaks DownWhen Big Brother Bestows Huge Birthday Honor On Him.

Some siblings have a way of beingextremely close while not always expressing their love for one another. Theymay fight like cats and dogs, but they’ll always stick up for each other whenit really counts.In a video, a boy named Ryan is celebrating his 12th birthdayat home with his family. His little brother Antonio is by his side, watching ashe carefully cuts the first slice of his birthday cake and places it on aplate. Their family is Brazilian, and their traditional custom is to serve thefirst piece of birthday cake to the person they love the most. After ponderingit for just a few seconds, Ryan hands the plate over to Antonio.

The little boy is so overwhelmedby his brother’s love that he bursts into tears! Ryan has to take a minute tohug Antonio until he calms down because he’s just so deeply touched. What a sweetheart — both of them!Watch the cutest brothers ever in the video below,and don’t forget to share thisprecious story.

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