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October 4, 2021
Date of Event:

GONE VIRAL: Firefighter Reads to a Child at a CrashScene

A firefighter in Billings, Montana sat on the sidewalk reading a book to alittle girl as emergency crews cleared up a crash scene. The photo is goingviral.
The woman who posted the photo on Facebook said, "I’m soglad I took that picture because it was the sweetest moment! Our firstresponders don’t get the appreciation that they deserve! This was mynephew's wreck. Fortunately no one was seriously injured."

A fellow firefighter said, "That firefighter, Ryan, he was there,they were cleaning up the car accident, and so he took it upon himself to, totake the time to make those kids feel safe. Ryan's a really humble guy and he'sprobably going to kill me for kind of putting him in the spotlight. But he didgreat work that day.”

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