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April 12, 2022
Date of Event:

-      DO GOODER - involves a sneakyphoto


Took A Sneaky Photo As It Was Too Good To Not Pass Up


This incredible young man took time out on his work lunch break tosit and chat his entire lunch break away to this elderly lovely lonely lady.They were definitely not related.It's was so refreshing and great to see thatthere are some incredible young men out there in this world that are kind,compassionate and willing to take the time to have a really warm beautifulconversation ( yes I may of been ears dropping ) with this elderly lady.I evensaid to the lady when the man stood up to excuse himself as he had to go backto work, what a lovely young man he was, and she said he really was.

I take my hat off to his parentsand hope they know what a wonderful young man they have raised. Thatconversation probably meant the world to her. I hope you're on here and knowyou made that lady's day and mine.

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