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October 22, 2018
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Michigan pizzeria employee makes 'epic' delivery …

--Talk about service.

A Michigan pizzeria employee went out of his way – quiteliterally – to deliver a couple of pies to a man battling cancer.

When Julie and Rich Morgan lived in Battle Creek 25 years ago, Richwould always bring home Steve’s Pizza for dinner each payday, even though moneywas tight. The couple has since relocated to Indianapolis, but those pizzas –the taste and the memories – have stuck with them.In fact, the Morgans hadplanned to visit Battle Creek and Steve’s Pizza for a weekend getaway. Butafter a trip to the emergency room, their plans changed; Rich is now home withhospice care as his battle with cancer comes to a close.

Knowing how much that pizzeria meant to the couple, Julie's dad calledSteve’s Pizza to see if someone could send a card or text to cheer them up. ButDalton Shaffer, a manager, had a different idea.“Well, what kind of pizza dothey like?” Shaffer asked Julie Morgan’s father, Her father quickly sought toclarify that he was calling from Indianapolis – nearly 200 miles away and in adifferent state. Shaffer, 18, said he understood and promised to make thespecial delivery of two 16-inch pepperoni and mushroom pizzas as soon as heclosed the restaurant just after 10 p.m.

“And so, while Rich and I slept, at 2:30 a.m., Dalton rolled into ourdriveway, left the car running and delivered two extra special pizzas to mywaiting family,” Julie said. “He told them we were in his prayers, and offeredto help in any way he could.”Julie said Shaffer also refused an offer from thefamily to put him up in a hotel. He also immediately left, she said, so hecould make it home in time for work in the morning.Shaffer is the nephew ofSteve's Pizza’s owner and has been working at the restaurant for about twoyears, “I just wanted to do that for them,” he told the newspaper. “I justwanted to make them happy.”

He added that he didn’t plan on telling anyone about his out-of-state trek –including his uncle.

“I am beyond overwhelmed by this actof genuine kindness,” Julie Morgan said. “Dalton brought our family so much joy– and the best pizza in the world – at a really difficult time. While ‘thankyou’ hardly seems adequate – from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Daltonfrom Steve’s Pizza in Battle Creek, MI for making your epic middle of the nightpizza delivery!”In all, Shaffer traveled about 450 miles round-trip to make thedelivery. But here's what makes it even more “epic": Steve’s Pizza doesn'teven offer delivery services.

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