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June 3, 2019
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Teacher Runs Down the Street to Warn Parents about a Tornado

A brave Texas teacher raced a tornado to warn parents waiting in a carpool line for their children to take cover.

Someone took a photo of the fourth-grade teacher, and it has since went viral because as she was running down the street, you can see the tornado coming in the background. She was also still wearing her fake, black mustache from the last-day-of-school party she had with her students.

She ran from car to car. She said, 'Since its dismissal, all these parents were lined up outside ready to pick up their kids. Sirens are going off and we had to get them inside.’ She told every parent in the cars down the block to seek shelter.

According to the Fort Worth National Weather Service, maximum winds for the tornado were roughly 70mph. The twister didn’t reach the school, but it did hit a sports complex that was about three miles away.

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