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March 17, 2020
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ACustomer Left a $2,500 Tip to Support an Ohio Bar That Had to Close Because ofCoronavirus

On any other Sunday, Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, Ohio,would be rumbling with customers. But on March 15, the staff of the popular sports bar gathered around the TV, standing aghast as Gov. Mike DeWine ordered all restaurants and bars in the state to close to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.As thoughts of “How will I make next month’s rent?” or “Howwill I provide for my family?” ruminated in the minds of the waitstaff, they served a customer who would be one of their last for the foreseeable future.

After ordering a beer and some food, the customer’s check came out to be just under $30. But after he left,the spirits of owner Patrick “Benny” Leonard and his staff were uplifted immediately after seeing the tip he had left.The amount? A whopping $2,500.“Pleasesplit this tab equally between Tara, Nicky, Jim, Liz and Arrun,” the check read.“There were tears of joy among everyone here,” Leonard told CNN. “On a day when I’ve never seen a shutdown like that, I’ve never seen a tip like thateither.”

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