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August 5, 2020
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Couple Drives 3 Hrs To Help Lost Elderly Stranger ReuniteWith His Son.

EltonHood and Tracy Eckhardt of New Windsor, Illinois, are the kind of people whowould drop everything to help another person — even a stranger.

InJuly, the couple stopped to fill their tank at a gas station in Woodhull.There, Elton began chatting with an elderly man who seemed confused. As itturned out, he had spent the last week driving and was desperately lost.Luckily, his new friends were more than happy to set him on the right path!

Thedriver, an 80-year-old man named Dennis, was traveling from Arizona toWisconsin to visit his son, whom he hadn’t seen in 19 years. But he struggledwith the directions, getting lost multiple times and frequently driving thewrong way for hours.Determined to get him back on track, Elton wrote outcareful new directions and gave Dennis his phone number, just in case.

Eltoneven programmed the directions into Dennis’ GPS, confident they wouldn’t leadhim astray.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Dennis to getlost again. The couple received a call shortly after parting ways with him, andthey immediately agreed to take a three-hour road trip to Wisconsin so Denniscould follow them in his truck!

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