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August 6, 2020
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Moving viral video of manshaving girlfriend’s head will bring you to tears


The viralvideo shows a woman's boyfriend shaving her head, then shaving his own in anemotional show of support.Twitter

It’s a show of selfless love thathas millions reaching for tissues.

Eva Bari is one of the hundredsof millions of people worldwide afflicted with alopecia, a condition thatcauses some or complete hair loss, often creating bald patches. As a result,the French law student from Monaco has periodically taken to buzzing her headfollowing stints of hair growth.

Most recently, she asked herboyfriend to lend a hand with the job, and filmed the shearing for socialmedia.

The footage shows Bari seated asher partner tenderly and meticulously shaves her strands down to her scalp,taking several minutes to do the job thoroughly. At times, she seems visiblydistraught, and at others, stoically resigned to her condition.But it’s thetwist ending, wherein Bari’s lover turns the clippers onto his own head, thatis tugging at the internet’s collective heartstrings.

The video she posted to TikTokback in May has since exploded on Twitter thanks to viral-video purveyor RexChapman, who helped launch the clip into internet fame after tweeting thefootage on Wednesday. Now the video has been watched some 4.3 million times onthe social platform, along with some 950,000 views on TikTok.“More tissuesplease. More,” said comedian Kathy Griffin inresponse to Chapman’s post.“This is a really good one,” added Ben Stiller.

The post on Twitter also sawseveral supporters come forward to share their own stories of hair loss andillness.“I’ve been bald for close to 20 years bc of #alopecia,” wrote follower @meliza_q.“I wear a wig most of the time but there are days I don’t. My hope is foreveryone to find a person like this gal (and I) found. Someone who makes you feellike a queen.”“Been living with it for 16 years,” replied @MrsHBG. “Women don’t have to havehair to be beautiful.”


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