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October 25, 2022
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Trick-Or-Treater Finds EmptyCandy Bowl And Surprises Us All With His Kind Response.

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They say that “the true test of aman’s character is what he does when no one is watching,” and these days thereare cameras everywhere, so someone is pretty much always watching!

Jesse Robertson of Idaho Falls, Idaho decided to set up a camerato see if the Trick or Treaters visiting her house on Halloween would behavethemselves. Jesse put up a sign that read, “Do a trick, take a treat! Only oneor two please. You’re on camera!”


She was hoping to catch video ofthe kids who waltz up to someone’s porch and swipe the entire bowl of candybefore other trick or treaters can get there. Jesse did, in fact, see a kid dojust that, but it’s what happened after the candy was gone that has everybodypraising the good manners and generous nature of one boy.

The video shows the boy, dressedin his Halloween costume, approaching the empty candy bowl. When he sees thebowl is empty, he expresses a short moment of disappointment to his mom beforedoing a cute little twirl as his “trick.”

… then the boy does somethingextraordinary: he returns to the bowl and drops a few pieces of his own candyloot into the bowl.“That’s better,” he says in a self-satisfied kind of way.Watchthis heartwarming moment in the video on the wake up kajun, and share tobrighten someone’s day!


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